Chad Milburn

Chad Milburn
Senior AI, VR, Mobile & Web Developer β€’ Creative Technologist β€’ Designer β€’ Creator

A passionate Senior AI, visionOS / iOS / iPadOS / watchOS, Android & Web Developer / Creative Technologist with over 16 years of experience delivering award-winning, pixel-perfect work. A lifelong creator whose appetite to make is satisfied through fast-paced client work and self-directed experimentation. An innovative leader who has inspired and mentored great teams leaving a lasting impact at high-energy companies. Unafraid to blaze the trail on emerging technologies that others find challenging. Takes ownership of quickly learning and applying new technologies, provides a proven track record of achievements and prides himself with having a creative eye for quality and design preservation. Possesses the hunger and confidence to bring the next big idea to life at a global scale. CODESTRONG

Senior Design Technologist (L6) & Manager at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS Supply Chain / Remote / February 2022 – Present

Capabilities β€’ Skill Sets β€’ Technologies

Generative AI LLM Prompt Engineering LangChain visionOS Vision Pro iOS Development Android Development Xamarin Forms ThreeJS JavaScript TypeScript jQuery HTML5 CSS3 Immersive Web NFTs Python Vue.js React D3 WidgetKit Safari Extensions Angular C# .NET Ajax PHP Mobile First Rapid prototyping Responsiveness Bootstrap Crypto Azure Pipelines Pull Requests APIs GraphQL MySQL Bluetooth (BLE) Unity XR VR AR Leadership Mentoring roles Agile Waterfall CMS WordPress Drupal Magento LINQ Analytics tagging Flash Flex Visual Studio App Store deployment Play Store deployment Browser testing ADA accessibility Photoshop Figma Sketch XD Email Development Docker MAMP CI Client-facing Problem solving Code troubleshooting More!

hARdball App – Tribe Hackathon

Enhance the fans' ballpark experience by utilizing AR technology during their visit to the stadium
Lead Mobile Developer, AR Technology

Honda EU7000iS Remote Start

Bluetooth (BLE) generator app for iOS & Android phones
Lead Mobile / Xamarin Forms Developer

Lincoln Electric NEXTime

Bluetooth (BLE), fuel generator integrated app for iOS & Android phones
Lead Mobile / Xamarin Forms Developer

Cub Connect Bluetooth App

Cub Cadet's First Bluetooth (BLE), zero-turn mower integrated app for iOS & Android phones
Lead Mobile Developer

nVent Lightning Strike Card App

Detect instant wind turbine lightning strike damage swiping magnetic cards on iOS & Android
Lead Mobile / Xamarin Forms Developer

Plotter App Startup

Developed a first-of-its-kind social mapping app that won the 2013 SXSW Accelerator Competition
Lead Mobile Developer, Mapping & Custom APIs